The Case of the Transferred Employee Essay

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The Case of the Transferred Employee

The case study of the transferred employee is a narrative that explains a situation where someone within a healthcare organization is going against what is ethically right to avoid negative repercussions by human resources and his supervisor. This is an act that happens all the time within organizations. I believe this to be true because I have personally seen it done. I can see how the supervisor in this case study would have a very difficult time deciding on how to follow through with what he should do. It is easy to say that one would just go against their administrative leader on paper but it would be way more difficult in actuality. Especially when you know that this leader is your
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My decision to do the evaluation late would be made because I do not believe the decision to falsify the documentation is ethically right and I would want to educate others in my organization to make sure that we learned from it and it never happened again.
What is your next course of action? After discussing with my supervisor that I did not want to go through with changing the transfer dates and then doing the true evaluation, I would educate everyone on the proper process and see what we could do to make sure this did not occur again. I would communicate with everyone and see if we had policy and procedures for the evaluations. If there were already a policy and procedure in place then I would educate everyone and make sure they were aware of not only the process but also that they are aware of the consequences if this process were not followed through with correctly. If there were not a policy and procedure in place then I would make sure that we had one implemented. No one is perfect and we are all prone to make mistakes but it is how we act on our mistakes and how we learn from them as well.
What other factors do you consider and what other actions do you take? The other factor I consider is something that popped into my head right away as I was reading the case of the transferred employee passage. Is