Management Essay

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1. Which of the following statements best illustrates the view of “utilitarianism”?
I. From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.
II. The risk reasonably to be perceived defines the duty to be obeyed and risks imports relation; it is risk to another or to others within the range of apprehension.
III. An action is right when maximizing welfare and total well-being.
IV. Individuals should pursue his or her own self-interest, even at the expense of others.
2. The best example of a source for virtue ethics for a business is newspapers articles about the corporation. the corporate mission statement. the documentation in human resources justifying the hiring of new staff. the
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16. Employment practices without business justification applied to all employees that result in a less favorable effect for one group than for another group may state a claim for: disparate impact

A mayor serving in a major metropolitan area receives an internal memorandum indicating personnel at many police stations are single-race. At the time of the report, thirty percent of the police force was black or Hispanic. She immediately calls a press conference and orders transfer of police officers to achieve racial balance across the city. The transferred police offers sue on constitutional grounds. Assuming just these facts, what is the strongest argument that might be advanced by the transferred officers based on constitutional grounds?

Executive action by the mayor is unconstitutional because there was no rational relationship to a valid governmental purpose. The action is “void for vagueness” since transferred police officers must unnecessarily guess at the underlying public policy of the transfer process. The mayor’s policy used race as the basis for transfers, and assignments are subject to strict scrutiny. The transfer can be set aside based on intermediate or heightened level of scrutiny.
18. John Smith was assaulted on the loading dock by a coworker, Jim Jones, at the Acme Widget Company. The attack was unprovoked by Smith. After the physical assault, there was an angry verbal exchange between the parties. The incident