The Challenges of Leadership Essay

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The Challenges of Leadership
Desire, determination, effectiveness, passion, management skills, being able to inspire, positive attitude, knowing who you are, what to do or not; these are all characteristics of a leader . “Leadership is a process by which a person influences others to accomplish an objective and directs the organization in a way that makes it more cohesive and coherent.” (Concept of Leadership, 2010). In this 21st century world we are living in and with all the complex changes happening and the many ways businesses are being conducted and operated, leadership skills are definitely needed but are becoming more and more challenging to obtain because leadership is a process which is put in place in order to influence a group
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Create the proper balance, agility and consistency between yourself, employees and your business in order to continue in the growth of your business. “Leadership is a factor of much more than theories. Each person has to find a way of leading that is congruent with who they are, so it comes over as authentic” (Leadeship Models and Theories, 2011). In order to show leadership skills it is important to demonstrate the characteristics of a leader. A leader needs to be able to define tasks, plan, communicate, control, evaluate, motivate, organize and lead by example, provide guidance, encourage, bring out the best in people, and being able to handle uncertainties and crises. John Adair said: “You can be appointed as a manager, but you aren’t a leader till people chose to follow you” (Leadeship Models and Theories, 2011). There are seven leadership skills that need to be mastered in order to be considered as a leader. One needs to be able to think strategically because a good leader is strategic in their ways of thinking, they understand what results a business needs to reach and achieve and how to reach those goals. Create and have passion for different visions, be a good manager, master performance managing when required. “Good leaders surrounds themselves with good people, they do not accept inferior performance, and while they