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The Chosen Assignment 1
Who I am?
Religious – By choice, Reuven wants to become a rabbi. Unlike Danny, Reuven has the opportunity to decide what he wants to become in life, his father wants him to become a mathematician but he still has his own choice. He says to Danny, “I sort of feel I could be more useful to people as a rabbi. To our people, I mean. You know, not everyone is religious like you or me. I could teach them, and help them when they’re in trouble. I think I would get a lot of pleasure out of that.” (pg. 70).
Empathetic and Forgiving– He is able to relate to Danny and understand that he really did not mean to harm him and actually wants to befriend him. At first he does not accept Danny’s apology, but after talking to his dad and thinking about it, he feels bad for not giving Danny a chance and is happily surprised to see him the next day. (pg. 66).
Insightful – Reuven looks past Danny’s attire and tries to understand who he is as an individual (pg. 81). Reuven looks deeply into the event that happened between him and Danny saying, “…and suddenly one day something happens, and everything looks different.” He sees the event as somewhat of a turning point in his life. He met several people who changed his prospective, almost lost his eyesight, which gave him a greater appreciation for life and came home a new Reuven.
Humanitarian – Reuven’s reason for wanting to become a rabbi show his concern for his people and those who need guidance.
What do I value?
Religion over secular knowledge evident by his response to Danny’s studying of Freud. He does not believe that Freudian ideas and Judaism and coexist. He doesn’t understand why Danny seems to be accepting Freud’s ideas and continues to study him.
Sight – When Reuven is in the hospital, he meets Billy and Mr. Savo, both have problems with their eyes. Meeting these two give his a greater appreciation for his ability to see. After coming home from the hospital, Reuven views the world differently. He says “I had spent five days in a hospital and the world around me seemed sharpened and pulsing with life.” (pg. 96) Reuven started to see things he had never cared to notice before and it brought him joy. As his father said, “No one knows he is fortunate until he becomes unfortunate.” (pg. 73).
Reuven as the narrator is also our eyes, because the reader sees the story from Reuven’s point of view.
Friendship with Danny – He enjoys spending time with Danny and talking with him. While in the hospital, when Danny comes to visit him he is always very happy.
Intelligence – Like Danny, Reuven reads things he finds interesting just for the knowledge it will provide. (pg. 82).
What do I think is true?
In the beginning, Reuven thinks it’s true that Danny purposefully injured him and because of that he does not want to accept Danny’s apology. Reuven also believes that the teachings by Modern Orthodox scholars are true and wants to become a rabbi because of his beliefs.
Reuven also believes that the world around him is not the world he once perceived it be; he knows that there are things he never took the time to notice before.
What must I do?
Reuven must find deeper meaning and understand things he never before acknowledged. Reuven seems to say that he does not understand many things such as Reb Saunders silence with Danny and Danny’s choice to study Freud. Reuven must struggle to make sense of everything.
How can I explain my actions to other members of my community?
Reuven acts the way he does because he wants to understand the world around him.
Who am I?
Intelligent – “I read anything good that I can get my hands on. “ (pg. 79). “…It’s exciting being able to read all those books.” (pg. 80). Mr. Malter, a teacher, describes Danny as “a phenomenon.” (pg. 106) he goes on to say “Once in a generation is a mind like that born.” This statement is reliable because it comes from a man who is an educator and has a large variety of