Civil Rights Movement

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The Civil Rights Movement in the United States started in the year of 1954, which was the year that the Brown vs. Board of Education in Topeka, Kansas case had ended. The Brown vs. Board of Education was a trial between Oliver Brown, who tried to enroll his black daughter into a white-only school in September 1950, and the Board of Education. From the first court trial on June 25-26, 1951 to the Supreme Court’s decision on May 17, 1954 there were other black parents who testified and similar cases that were brought to the courts attention in the United States. At first the court denied Brown’s case or any other case involving public school integration in the South. Then on October 1, 1951 Brown and his lawyers appealed for petition. On December 9, 1952 a trial had been held in Washington, DC for this trial ended without a solution for either party. Almost one year later the court ordered another hearing on December 9, 1053, where both parties would redirect their arguments based off the Fourteenth Amendment. As stated by the staff of the History Channel website, the Fourteenth Amendments “granted citizenship and equal civil and legal rights to African Americans and slaves who had been emancipated after the American Civil War” (2009). After completion of the last trial on December 8, 1953 the court system agreed on May 17, 1954 that separation of black and white public schools was going against the constitution (Christianson). The Brown vs. Board of Education trial was one of the first stepping stones that integrated black and whites in the South, which brought America to a couple of many civil rights