The Crucible Theme

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Have you ever been accused of doing something that you have never done? There are many people that have been accused of something they never done. The Crucible by Arthur Miller, is a story about people being accused of doing witchcraft, and people telling lied about other. There are three main theme in The Crucible, the three main theme are Deception, Irony, and Guilt. The first main theme of The Crucible is Deception. “Let either of you breathe a word, or the edge of a word, about the other things, and I will come to you in the black of some terrible night and I will bring a pointy reckoning that will shudder you. And you know I can do it; I saw Indians smash my dear parents’ heads on the pillow next to mine and I have seen some reddish work done at …show more content…
“I speak my own sin; I cannot judge another. I have no tongue for it John Proctor, having decided to save his life by confessing to witchcraft, refuses to accused anyone else”. John Proctor telling the court that he refused to accused anyone else of doing witchcraft and he does not wants anyone else to be guilty of witchcraft. “She thinks to dance with me on my wife’s grave! And we’ll she might for I thought of her softy. God help me, I lusted and there is a promise in such sweat. But it is a whore’s vengeance, and you must see it” (Act 2, page 110). John Proctor telling the men in the court trying to save his wife and to get Abigail to reveals her motivation for trying to get rids of Elizabeth Proctor, so she could have John for herself. Guilt is the last of the three theme that is used in The Crucible.
Deception, Irony, and Guilt are the three main theme that are used in The Crucible, by Arthur Miller. These theme lead to a problem in The Crucible that had caused many people to be accused of something that they didn’t do and people telling lied about others. These people in The Crucible had been accused of doing something that they had never