The Day Oil Runs Out Essay

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The Day Oil Ran Out

Today, we can exclusively reveal that oil has finally ran out all over the world. From Saudi Arabia, millions of oil companies went there to get more oil, but to their surprise the tank was all very empty. A spokesperson for Ferguson's Fuels said,“Today is a very disappointing day for oil businesses like ourselves. We have been driven out of business today. Suppose we took all oil for granted too much.” Positives

Environmentalists can be happy about today as their job has got a hell of a lot easier. They ave been saying,“Oh, get rid of this oil, it is just polluting!” Angry mums were last night saying,“No more vaseline or fuel for cars, for God's Sake!” Environmentalists have been waiting a heck of a long time for this, now it is their day.


Obviously, the negatives of losing oil today is losing the heat, the plastics, vaseline, petrol, diesel and plane fuel. Now it is back to basics, with the good old walking. Now people are going to be scurrying to their elders after treating them like dirt.

So what the point is now that technically the blood of the earth as they call it has gone there will be no more partying through the night or a switch of a button to turn on your heating you will have to WORK for your money. They should have drastically raised the price of the oil to…