The Day I Got My Teeth Fixed Essay

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The worst summer ever
His shark-like teeth glistened with blood in the dimly lit room. He inched closer and closer toward me, eventually revealing a needle twice my size. He quoted one of the most feared phrases in centuries, “open wide”. My eyes began to water, but refusing to cry I yelled “Aaaaahhhh!” Waking up in a heap of sweat, and breathing as hard as an inactive person running for 5 miles straight is how my morning began. While getting dressed my mind wouldn’t stop thinking of that awful dream. “Zoi, it’s time to go”, Mother yelled from the bottom of the steps. An image of my mouth full of blood and slowly trickling down my chin and onto my clothing, raced across my mind. All Dr. Quinn did was stand there with this maniacal grin on his face as he began to burst into laughter. Coming face to face with my most feared adversary, the dentist was mind boggling. However, this was no ordinary dentist appointment, at least not for me. Having 14 cavities isn’t exactly ordinary. Yes! 14 cavities, so I needed to get the holes in my teeth filled; fillings. This would be my first time getting a needle in my mouth. Just sitting in the waiting room watching people go in and people out was absolutely nerve racking. Knowing that any minute my name would be called thus forcing me to face one of my greatest fears, made me even more horrified. “Zoi Stevens”, she called. Oh no, not now. Was this really happening; is it too late to turn back now? All of these thoughts raced