The Death Penalty: Should it be Used? Essay example

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I am wanting to produce a new company called Red House Show Supplies. It is a company selling show supplies to people that show pigs, sheep, cattle, or any other livestock. There is a good market with a large potential of clients in the area that could benefit from this company. We are in a great location right on the highway two miles north of Fontanelle. The closest company selling these products is thirty miles away. We are mainly looking to make direct sales before the big showing season begins. We would carry more inventory during the showing season to accommodate in-season sales. As an example if someone needs three show sticks for a show the next day, we would have plenty of show sticks available for that customer. I am looking for a supplier with quality products that have good value, not just the lowest cost to satisfy customer needs. I have no worries finding a supplier because we have such a good market for these types of products in Iowa, especially for our location in the state. We will be creating a website shortly after we get the business running. The website will include pictures of items being sold, some of our local showers using our products, online orders, customer information, etc. For my financial planning, I would need to know how much costs are going to be to start the business like start up costs, projected sales and return on investment. To wrap this up, a challenge for business success would be to create value for the products that I am selling versus customers going directly to a whole sale retailer to buy their products. We are local and will have a good-valued supplier to sell products to our customers for guaranteed satisfaction. As we continue to get closer to showing season, sales have been steady and we are starting to get more new customers every week. We now have a website set up and I believe that has helped our business out tremendously in terms of adding more clients. I added a feedback section on the website to see what we can improve on to help…