The Definition of Integrated Business Essay

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Pages: 8 This course is called integrated business. What does that mean?
Integrated mean a works which combines various processes normally carried out at different locations. In terms of business integration is a strategy of define a business process. The definition of strategy and integrated business planning process needs collaboration among multiple departments The strategy definition and integrated business planning process requires collaboration among multiple departments and levels in an organization’s hierarchy, as well as the repeated, on-going exchange of many text documents, emails, spread sheets, and presentations among multiple parties. Executives must set targets and senior management must define a strategy before an integrated business planning process can occur.
All of these steps are driven by the information that is first exchanged in the early stages of the process; therefore, tracking, monitoring, and securely storing this information is critical to successful strategy definition and integrated business planning.Business integration encompasses information architecture, data management and integration, application integration, database management, and all of the technologies that make those goals possible enterprise-wide. The end goal: a smoothly functioning information technology foundation for all business activities. Whether IT is dealing with a merger, legacy technologies, upgrades or new technologies that have been chosen to support the business' core functions, integration of technologies remains a priority.

In our business plan some conflicts arise during planning of business.
Marketing size - Market size – for our product first we needs to find the market size as we follows implementation strategy. Our target market will be Auckland we start from here and then by end of this year we concentrate of market research and increase our market size according to our product demand. The best way to find our market size will be
CHAIN RATIO METHOD “The art of breaking down a problem and building it up is also at the heart of the "chain ratio method". More focused on the size of the market in terms of number of customers, rather the dollars. Think of this method as trying to determine the "number of buyers in the market" in the simple equation above”( Allen Weiss, January 1,2001).
According to Allen Weiss chain ratio method there are few step which we needs to follow to find out market size of our product. For our product “ROTI “.We break down our marketing problem into small problems than building up or estimating or guessing the size of the total market and then doing some fine tuning.
Market size for Roti in Auckland
Total population of Auckland is
Who want to buy Roti?
No of Indian .Most of time (Indian community)
How many Indian in Auckland?

How many like to eat Roti?
How many like to buy Roti?
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Identify and discuss at least 5 areas where cross-discipline issues arise in business planning. Three of these must be based on your group topic area. Consider * Why these conflicts arise. * How the objectives, methodology, training, attitude to risk, or other factors impact on such conflict or give rise to it. (for example why are lawyers often called ‘deal killers’) * How these conflicts can be reconciled. Summarise how the identified examples can be resolved AND Discuss in general terms how a business may incorporate recognition of such issues in its management and knowledge management systems. Six in our team

Market size Our company Roti for all start in March 2013. We were six in our team after form this company our main concern is Market size for our product. We decide market segment will