The Devil In The White City Character Analysis

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The Devil In The White City Anaysis
A wolf in sheep’s clothing is a way to describe the unveiling of the devil within a soul. H.H.Holmes is a cunning serial killer who uses his intelligence and good looks in order to capture his prey. In the story, The Devil in the White City, Larson showcases Holmes cravings and how he manipulates people in order to show the inner mind and works of a serial killer.
In the beginning of his life, as Larson describes, Holmes is an intelligent child and how he conceives these ideas of becoming a traveling serial killer. According to Larson, “He spent a good deal of time alone in his room reading Jules Verne and Edgar Allan Poe,”(Larson 39) Jules Verne gave him this idea to travel around the world and go on the expeditions he did in order to stay hidden. He uses these places specifically to feed his inner demon and also to keep identity mysterious by changing names when in various places. He even changed his name from Herman Mudgett to a more popular name given which finally letting him obtain the identity of H.H.Holmes This drives him to be able to
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For the supernaturally inclined the death of the jury foreman alone offered sufficient proof.”(Larson 6) Due to his cold hardness and skills Holmes refers to himself as the devil impacting anyone around him. He did more than just serial killing in addition he was an expert at insurance fraud. He could sign his name as others and get away with it hoping that the authorities would come to those he had cheated. “The most dangerous man in the world,”(Larson 385) is what people called him or perccieved him to be because of what the press had accused him of. The public didn’t know the under cover reality of Holmes however they did know he was associated with the big lost in people’s children and espacially innocent naïve young country