The discrimination in hip hop' Essay

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Hip hop
Madonna and Don Mclean sang about “the day the music died.” While music hasn’t died, it has certain changed. Music has been commercialized, and it has become quite the profitable business. Gone are the days of artistic expression. They’ve given way to the era of the bottom dollar. This music industry is dominated by men. The artists, managers, and executives are all mostly males. They target other males as their primary consumers, and everything revolves around that fact. The easiest way to market a product is with Sex. Since these industry’s power players target male consumers, they use women as cheap sexual marketing tools. The music industry promotes the objectification of women because they are used to sell a product with their sexual appeal. For years, females are asked to keep their mouth shut as it’s a male-dominated world. Jennifer Mclune states in her article “Unlike men, women in hip-hop don’t speak in a collective voice in defense of themselves”(1) The industry might be run by more men becasue men are more into running businesses than woman. Most producers and composers are males. Rapper Jay Z for instinct has been mainstream favorite hip hop/rap artist for many years now. After selling many records of his own, Jay Z also have his own clothing line and part owner of the New Jersey Nets basketball franchise. Jay Z is one of Hip hops largest entrepreneurs in the music Game right now. Jay Z has have been pointed out as being one of hip hop sexist figures from his song, 99 PROBLEMS. In his lyris he states,” I got 99 problems but a bitch aint’ one. For many people this is very disrespectful and (). But because Jay Z is the man on top of his Game people, including woman disregarding the lyrics while singing along because of who he is.. That doesn’t exactly make it ok for a male to slang a woman in that way in lyrics to be heard by the public. But because this industry is male dominated, this evenly got pushed under a rug after a couple interviews. He fed bullshit to the public and the public ate it up. Only recently have female artist become as important as males in mainstream.. Music industry is based on antiquated belief. Many years ago since men made the money, men made