The Diverse Nature of Psychology Essay

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The Diverse Nature of Psychology Psychology, though a young field, is a uniquely successful one, flourishing in the twentieth century through intellectual and social expansion (Darity, 2008). From its philosophical roots to its emergence as a scientific discipline, the field of psychology has been concerned with behavior and mental processes. By its very nature, the field is diverse encompassing many subdisciplines and areas. The American Psychological Association recognizes more than 50 different divisions in the field, marked either by area of study or area of practice. Because of its diverse nature, the field has become widely applicable and valuable in many other fields. Psychology has successfully been applied to fields like …show more content…
They then proceed with psychotherapeutic treatment for a person’s emotional problems. For example, if an individual suffering from an addiction sought help from a clinical psychologist, the clinician might use motivational interviewing (MI), cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), or 12-step counseling as forms of individual therapy (Ball, 2003).

Other Applications

One popular application of social psychology to a field outside of psychology is in its application in international politics. For example, leaders in the field utilized their understanding of social psychology principles to facilitate peace agreements such as the Oslo Peace Agreement of 1993 between the Israelis and the Palestinians (Pettigrew, 1993). As for psychological testing, this area has several applications outside of diagnosing pathology in clinical settings. Achievement and ability tests are used in educational settings to assess students’ cognitive abilities. Moreover, prospective employers, to screen job applicants, use both cognitive tests and personality measures.


In all areas of life, from medicine to business, education to community mental health, and sports to entertainment, psychology has made major contributions. The diagnosis and treatment of psychological problems has come a long way with advances in technology. The collaboration between psychologists and medical doctors will continue to improve and ultimately benefit