The Diverse Nature of Psychology Paper

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The Diverse Nature of Psychology Paper
Sophia Martinez
Psychology 490 Capstone Course in Psychology
October 5, 2011
Giselle Gourrier, Ph.D.

The Diverse Nature of Psychology Paper
Psychology is a discipline that has extensive implications for other areas of science while simultaneously maintaining a narrow concern for the derivation of scientific knowledge about human and non-human behavior (Stanovich, 2010). This paper is concerned with the assessment of two sub-disciplines and sub-topics within psychology, theoretical perspective of the sub-disciplines, and the psychological contribution to society on the chosen sub-disciplines and sub- topics.
Diversity on major concepts
There are 54 subdivisions of psychology within the
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The humanistic theory can benefit individuals within any culture background that needs help getting to his or her idea self and receiving Self- Actualization (Bergquist, 2009).
Humanistic theory assist individuals to become a “whole” again, and integrates individuals back into his or her social environment. This therapy is helpful for individual to regain his or her life back via therapy. Humanistic theory allows individual to gain clarity in life obtain healthily relationships in work, school, and social surroundings I/O psychology is extremely helpful in an individuals’ work environment. This type of therapy benefits an individual’s health, and even life outside of his or her work environment. Work related stress doesn’t stay at work individuals take that stress home, so elevating the factors that can be considered stressful can benefit the individual (Bergquist, 2009).
In conclusion, this paper picked two sub- topics and two sub- disciplines that were assessed to see its ability to be implemented in daily life and an individual’s work environment. I/O psychology is beneficial in elevating unnecessary stress in a work environment that ultimately can have an impact in other areas in life outside of work. The Humanistic theory allows an individual to get ones basic needs met in order to complete Self- Actualization. This theory can be particularly helpful