The Duties of an Nco Essay

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Duties of a NCO

As a Non Commissioned Officers we need to seek what is best for our soldiers. It is our duty to guide them through this Army process. How are we going to do this? By maintaining discipline, training soldiers and ensuring welfare.
Maintaining discipline, by ensuring that the soldiers are doing the right thing on and off duty like when we are in the motor pool and you see soldier not helping others to accomplish the assigned task. Ensure Preventive Maintenance Checks and Service are conducted by the book and ensuring that if they find a discrepancy to annotate in 5988’s. We need to be more creative and find some other ways to keep them busy. Inspecting their rooms and making sure they are living like people and not
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But keeping the platoon motivated I think will perform well. We need to start doing platoon functions again: going site seeing of course in our own time, play bowling or other team building sports, watch movies, etc, as a platoon!. Motivation is one of the keys that drive you on. Day by day we as Non Commissioned Officers need to feed our soldiers a positive reason to work in a already stressful working environment, like Getting a radio and playing some music while they are working. This was brought to my attention and it sounded good. I’m going to test and see how it works. I am going to do my best to motivate my platoon.
Another thing is communication between Non Commissioned Officers so far we get along pretty well but I think we need to adjust just a little bit and start to police our own ranks. We need to set the standards and follow it. We as Non Commissioned Officers need to adhere to the Non Commissioned Officers Creed and keep the officers out off our business which is to train our soldiers. But by doing that we are required to be knowledgeable and know our stuff. In my opinion being a good Non Commissioned Officer you need to be around good mentors and good people willing to pass their knowledge to others. We need to stop pulling to our side and start to think about the team “White Platoon of Comanche Troop”. I like in this quote from Colin Powell “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, learning from failure”. Nobody is