the effects of southern democrats Essay

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Krystal Akin
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The Effects Of Southern Democrats On African Americans Past And Present
The most degrading and inhumane events of the past, and the right to live free no matter the color of a man’s skin has changed the world indefinitely. Democratic governments were in power in all of the southern states, they continued piece by piece taking away African American’s rights. This was done in various ways such as the sharecropping system that kept African Americans dependent economically on the Caucasians, as well as keeping African Americans from voting.
Southerners made-up other ways to detour African Americans from casting their votes, by enforcing folks to pay a toll tax or by passing a reading test. Those laws were a total deformation of African Americans character and injustice to them. As Democrats reassured their political authority in the South, African Americans had fewer opportunities for legal protection.
No state Northern or Southern regions had been willing to expand the political rights of African Americans. In 1867 the Republicans had a majority in both houses. Congress passed a new law called “Reconstruction Act” which threw out the states and governments that refused to install the fourteenth Amendment. The fifteenth Amendment was a wonderful time in America for African Americans, because of voting rights this was the Constitution’s guarantee to them.
African Americans withstood many trials during this time such as constant threats on their lives on a continuous daily basis as well as the African American males were hung without a just cause or a trial. Many