The Four Loves Essay

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Four Loves The love of affection is a term that I feel I have had in my life and was easily portrayed as a need. My parents are the people in who brought me into this world. They have shown me their ways of becoming a person- by me making my own decisions, and most importantly having a walk with Christ. They may have been a pain to me through discipline, but they always have shown me their love through affection. I feel like my parents have made many mistakes in my early childhood years and those are things that have shaped not only them, but also me. Those critical times were my learning experiences of what was a positive or negative action from just being the observer. I sometimes have a tough time loving them for those actions, …show more content…
A quote from Lewis in the “Four Loves” states, “All my life a ludicrous and portentous solemnization of sex has been going on.” This statement made me really think about how true this is in our world. Not just the young; even the old made decisions to do activities outside the marriage of another. It seems like they want to find someone to fill their emptiness and it may only last for a minute. In the end the desire to have someone is still there and they have just added more guilt to their lives. Another quote from Lewis says, “In euros at times we seem to be flying; Venus gives us the sudden twitch that reminds us we are really captive balloons.” This quote really struck me and was something I have seen for myself in past relationships. It becomes so easy to let our hearts go and enjoy the opportunity to be loved by the opposite sex. The feelings take over our hearts and minds. Next we allow the love for someone else to take over and push God aside. Once Venus tempts us we realize that our decisions we make matter and coming back to reality God is the only person to fill our hearts or desires. This can also relate to giving the key to my heart to someone and later on my heart can be ripped apart. This leaves me broken and unable to understand the lesson God wants me to learn. My thoughts for euros, is not putting yourself in a bad situation and allowing your heart to be