The Gap Of Generations In Lorraine Hansberry's A Raisin In The Sun

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Logan Rose
English- 1302- 11618
The Gap of Generations Morals and goals change throughout generations as they grow up and go through different events. Lorraine Hansberry wrote A Raisin in the Sun and in the play a man name Walter and his Mama fight throughout the story of how they should think about what is most important to the two people. Mama grew up in the early 1900s and how she was treated and what she had back then helped mold her in to the things she finds most important. Walter grew up where he has more chances to do stuff that his mother could never even think of. Mama and Walter have totally different out look at life between money and family. Mama’s values are pretty basic she just wants to keep the
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Beneatha has a look in life that people are from eras before that will never think of doing. She has two boys that like her and with one she just wants to be something besides a boyfriend, and people right before that women were only supposed to find a guy and marry him you don’t have different feelings between guys and girls. Both the guys think that women should only have that one feeling that is love. Walter and Mama fight between each other through the story trying to convince each other which values is more important while they clash for the head of the the end of the play Walter goes through a slump when burns through the money. Mamas morals help keep the family together while they start to turn on themselves. Walter did the opposite and when with his values that money is number one and nothing else matters. He almost messes up again by selling himself out for money. Mama makes Travis sit and watch the meeting between Walter and Lindner so if he went through disgracing his people his son would have to watch. Carter agrees with me by saying “Significantly, at the moment Walter Lee announces his decision to place dignity before money; he discusses his pride in his wife and his mother” (Carter 3) the whole thing finally clicks for Walter that his values are all tangled up. He finally accept the other people want in the family and he want to help them out anyway possible as long as their altogether. Walter learns that The gap of