The Generation Gap In Generations In The New Age Students

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Faculty establishes the context for learning. Faculty also inspire student to explore. This is truly a gap in generations, and the new age student have a different way of learning. It’s hard teaching student about research when they depend totally on Google. Student have no idea in this age what is good information (Badke, 2009) Student are not using libraries because they have not been introduced to them as much. When I taught school at bush middle school, the library was used [Passive voice ] as a place of punishment for students that hung out in the hallways. When they caught them in the hallway they were sent to the library to read a book. I do understand that reading is vital to our economy but research is just as vital.
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The model of scholarship, practice and leadership may guide our current student and future leader that is constantly learning. The universities, for example, are often upheld [Passive voice ] as important for development. Yet the presence of universities does not guarantee an innovative economy. The scholarship, practice and leadership model attempts to join the theory of the different business areas, with practice and to take that a new level of action that will have a positive and lasting impact on the direct recipients of the model.
There is truly a generation gap between the young age students and when we were in high school. Our research came straight from the library and books