Essay about The Givers- an Admiration

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They can be found just about everywhere, if one looks for them. When an apple falls off of the mound in a local grocery store and someone picks it up without blinking an eye. When there is a traffic jam backed up for a mile, yet a man or woman is let into their desired lane anyway by a complete stranger who is in just as much of a hurry – these are the Givers.
Throughout my life, I’ve admired and grown fond of many people. My mother who miraculously seems to take nothing, and build me everything I need on a daily basis. My friends, one of whom struggles every day to cope with her father’s death and her mother’s fierce battle with breast cancer, yet still seems to put a smile on my face every day. Spiritual leaders like Mother Theresa and Dorothy Day, who constantly remind me to be my best self. It goes without saying that I am fortunate to have been influenced by all these people, which makes the decision on who I admire most so challenging. However, I do see the same quality within all of them. I see the same desire they share. I see their passion and their drive to do the same thing: give.
I believe someone worth admiring shouldn’t just be someone who is easy to notice and appreciate. An admiral person is someone who influences others around them; who leads the way for those who have trouble finding it. An admirable person changes others for the better, most of the time without even trying. Who then is more admiral than the Givers? For isn’t that what the Givers do?