The Glass Castle Jeannette Walls Analysis

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I feel as though my life does not bare much of a resemblance to the life of Jeannette Walls, author of The Glass Castle. I have never had to fend for my life or been so hungry that I have had to dig through trash to find food (that’s never stopped me from doing it), but despite that, I feel as though there are some things about Jeanette’s life that I can relate to. The one thing from the story that I could relate to was that Jeanette was forced into a lot of situations that she did not want to be a part of by other people. So far as I can remember, my dad never let a stranger take me into his room while knowing that the man intended to have sex with me, but he did force me to play soccer for a majority of my life which is arguably a much worse scenario. The struggles in my life that I have had to go through relate to the struggles of Jeannette Walls from The Glass Castle because we have both had to deal with bad situations that we were thrown into. I like to think that the main perpetrator behind a lot of my problems later on in my life was my forced involvement in team sports. From the beginning, I was pretty horrible at everything involving physical activity, so when I was forced to play soccer, it didn’t take long for me to …show more content…
Of course, my parents were having none of that and completely disregarded any wishes of mine to stop being miserable. Their response to me wanting to quit was that soccer is a good team building sport and it helped develop cooperative and communication skills. “wow, if this is what’s good for me, don’t ever show me what’s bad for me.” Don’t worry, I never actually said that out loud, emotions are for locking away down in the deepest layers of your subconscious where no one can find them until they come shooting out in a hot fiery explosion of emotion at an extremely inappropriate time, not for