The Graduate and Mrs. Robinson Essay

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Chris Baird
Cine 105
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The film The Graduate, directed by Mike Nichols, Dustin Hoffman plays Benjamin Braddock who recently graduated college.
The explicit meaning of the movie is Ben has just graduated college and has moved back home to live with his parents. He begins an affair with a family friend named Mrs. Robinson.
The implicit meaning of the film is Ben has just graduated college and is still confused about what his future hold for him. In the meantime, he moves back home with his parents while he plans for the future. Ben starts having an affair with a family friend Mrs. Robinson. Ben’s parents are anxious for him to go onto graduate school, but all Ben does is float around in the pool all day and then at night goes to a hotel where he meets his lover Mrs. Robinson. Ben is than set up on a date with Mrs. Robinson’s daughter, Elaine. She wants him to stay away from her daughters because of everything that has been going on with them, the affair. Mrs. Robinson tells Ben to stop dating Elaine or else she will tell what they have been doing every night at the hotel. Ben tells Elaine of the affair and she is extremely upset. Ben than tries to steal her back and saves her from marrying Carl. The too take off on a bus together, but now have no idea what they are supposed to do now that they are together.
The genre of this film can be many different types. But I believe that this film can be a romance, a drama, or even both. This film is also a narrative movie. It is telling a story which is directed towards fiction. The film is based on screenplays where everything is decided in advanced,

The content, which is the subject, reinforces the form, which is how the subject is expressed, all the time in movies. In The Graduate, the form and content make it able for us to see exactly how and what the characters are feeling and what they can see.
When Ben is lying in the pool and his parents confront him, the sun is very