1. How Did This Affect People Or Canada As A Nation?

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1.Topic Overview:Complete the following using information from your textbook,
Internet or a combination of resources: Give a brief overview or summary of the issue / topic. Refer to your text and answer the w5’s in a paragraph. (5)

On September 1st, 1935 in Regina, Saskatchewan a riot broke out because of the limited amount of work due to the depression. The people of Canada came in thousands and were demanding that the federal government created new job opportunities for them.

How did this affect people or Canada as a nation? (3)

This affected the people of Canada as a nation because it shows how the depression hurt Canadians, and how it made them hold on to anything they had. Also, it shows how the governemt was at that time. How they tried giving people jobs at 'relief camps', where they did get paid but very little, had limited access to medical supply and were not aloud to vote in federal elections. And it also shows how Canadians react when they are put under pressure such as this.
To what area (political, military, social or economic) is the topic related? Explain. (2)

The topic is related to the area of economics because the whole reason why the riot began was because at that time the people of Canada were frustrated with the economics. There was not enough work to provide for the people of Canada to make enough money to get through the day. So they decided to go and demand the government to create work and when the government refused, that’s when the riot broke out. Although it also has to do with