Changes Within True Leadership In Lord Of The Flies

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Changes within True Leaders In troubling times, people have a tendency to expect others to change while viewing themselves without fault, but actually the real solution is to change themselves, their actions, thoughts, and views. Leaders are the people who people admire and are respected for their rightful actions and behaviors but also their willing to guide and understand others. Actually, anyone can be leaders and are leaders, but the one who make the right decisions in life are true leaders that are also capable to lead others. If I were Ralph in Lord of the Flies, I would value changes within myself to solve solutions, face obstacles, and ultimately be saved. In order to sustain order and rules, leaders need to change their views, beliefs, and opinions. The wider spectrums of perspective help the group respect and follow the leader since the leader actually try to know what the group needs, wants, and their weaknesses. Frankly, it is true that humans are different meaning they have different points of view and desires. However, great leaders can be able to understand them and try to ask them for advices to lead. A leader cannot ever lead by himself or herself but need advisors in order to lead correctly and fairly with confidence and sense. Within advisors, leaders can change their views and know the views of the people because the people are the rulers, and the leader is only just a representative. A representative cannot just follow their own beliefs and thoughts but actually the thoughts of people. Having a wider view of the world not only keeps the group together as one unit but also resolves problems and difficulties. Obstacles and challenges no matter where come along the way. However, they can be approached by ignoring them or fighting them. Leaders are actually human beings that the people have to understand because they cannot be brave and courageous in all times. Changes within themselves can bring courage and bravery since leaders are the position that was taken at risk to serve for the people and guide them. If I was Ralph, I