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The Once Incorruptible American Dream F. Scott Fitzgerald’s character Jay Gatsby in The Great Gatsby channels the darker side of love. Jay Gatsby gets himself involved in illegal and immoral situations in hopes he will soon have the love of Daisy Buchanan. This caused his incorruptible American Dream to become corrupt because he wanted his American Dream to succeed so desperately he would do almost anything for her. His dream goes back to the very beginning when he met the young very rich Daisy that lived the wealthy life style, which then leads to illegality and immorality to win over the love of Daisy, which in the end costs him his life. Since day one, Gatsby has fallen in love with Daisy and has used all of his power to win her over. To describe her life he says, “She vanished into her rich house, into her rich full life leaving Gatsby—nothing” (156-157). Gatsby didn’t come from the same social class as Daisy. This meant he needed to find a way to impress her and that meant money. The only problem was Gatsby didn’t grow up with money or have a wealthy family, it was said, “He was at present penniless young man without a past” (156). This wouldn’t suffice for Daisy though since she had the money and the rich life style. That wasn’t going to stop him, in reaching his American dream. Daisy would always be Gatsby’s on true love because, “he found her excitingly desirable” (155). Daisy even got married and had a kid during the time he was gone for the war. And when he came back to East Egg he knew what he wanted and that was Daisy. But Gatsby needed money, and he needed it quick, which is how he got involved in illegal business. With Daisy living the wealthy rich life style, and Gatsby just coming back from the war with nothing left he knew he needed something to get on Daisy’s level of wealth. To explain how he got his money he says to Nick Carraway, “You see, I carry on a little business on the side… it wouldn’t take up much time and you’d pick up a nice piece of money” (87-88). Gatsby didn’t receive his money from family inheritance he found a way to get it otherwise. It is not legal business, more of the under the counter work that he has gotten himself into with others. Meyer Wolfshiem who is a gambler and racketeer says, “I raised him up out of nothing, right out of the gutter” (179). When Gatsby came back from the war he had absolutely nothing, until he met Wolfshiem. Wolfshiem started him in the business where he claimed “he made Gatsby” and that’s how Gatsby became the man he is with a good amount of money. Along with getting involved with some kind of business, he also took the blame for Daisy when she killed Myrtle, he says, “But of course, I’ll say I was [driving]” (151). Since Daisy was driving the car that killed Myrtle, Gatsby knew it would get Daisy in an immense amount of trouble. But of course, since Gatsby’s love for Daisy is so strong, he took the fall for her. In the end, Gatsby paid the ultimate price for his love of Daisy. Gatsby got involved in illegal activities to get money so eventually he could win the love of Daisy and live his American dream, but in the