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Essay #4 I believe “The Great Gatsby” had a lot of different themes and symbols. Money, time, and love were all symbols I read and saw. Money was a big part of Gatsby’s life and the other characters lives. Money was the biggest thing in that time in the book. Gatsby had his hopes and dreams based on Daisy He wanted to repeat the past. He wanted to relive the past. Love was a big thing in “The Great Gatsby.” Gatsby was so focused on being with Daisy. Love, money, and time took over Gatsby’s life. Money played a big part in Gatsby, Tom, and Daisy’s lives. Daisy left Gatsby because he had no money. When he finally became rich in his heart, he thought he could have her back just like that. Nick was the only one in the book who had a job and worked for his money and wasn’t rich. Nick had no problems in his life like Tom, Daisy, and Gatsby. Gatsby was careless because he had all the money he could possibly imagine. Gatsby had a tremendous amount of hope. He was blinded by his hope for being with Daisy. He never realized Daisy wasn’t leaving Tom. He wouldn’t give up. Nick said, “You can’t repeat the past” Gatsby said, “You can’t repeat the past?” “Why of course you can!” (110). Gatsby swore he could repeat the past He wanted things to be the way they were with him and Daisy. Time was not on his side. He had been waiting on her for a really long time. Love was a big part in “The