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THE GROUNDHOG DAY After watching The Groundhog Day, I found that life can be either simple or complicated. At the beginning of the movie, Phil Connor is an egotistical, ambitious and self-righteous man. But in the end, he changed. To me, the whole movie is just like a life, start from the beginning to the end. I believe that every one of us would like to be successful like him, the one at the beginning of the movie, the one with fame, wealth and status. But, he did not realize that he is egotistical and self-righteous at that time. Just like us, we all hope to successful when we grow up, but sometimes things does not turn out like we wanted to. Phil was confused when he first slipped into the time loop, but he soon get used to it and start to do whatever he wants. When we get used to our life, we will just start to work or study in the morning and relax at night. Phil soon felt sad because of the time loop, he did whatever he wants but he was not happy about it. Everything keeps on repeating and repeating the same every day, he does not know how to face the situation. Same with us, we will feel pointless sometimes, like ‘what am I doing?’ ‘why am I going to school?’ ‘what is the point?’, everything that we do every day becomes blur all of a sudden. Then, he started to feel depressed, he thought that he is stuck in the time loop and would never get out. He tried to kill himself so many times that he gave up because it did not work, he is still alive in the next morning. We experience that situation too in our life, but in other ways. For teenager like us, the way we face the situation is we might shut ourselves in our room and listen to music at high volume and did not care what is happening outside the bedroom door. Phil start to fall in love with his director, he used the time loop to help him know her better and get close to her, but things did not turn out as he planned and he started to feel sad. We might found new goals in our life but we might not achieve them at the same time. We will soon feel sad that we found something that motivate us but we failed to get the result that we want. He began to observe his surroundings, like what is happening every day in the town, and then he tried to help the people as much as he can. He learned how to play piano, to speak in Spanish, to crave ice and gained his