Essay about The Hijab

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How Identity is Represented Through Gender:
Femininity and the Hijab

An individual’s identity can differ depending on several different physical and biological factors including sexuality, gender, age and class. Throughout Ruby Tabassum’s article entitled Listening to the Voices of Hijab, identity is related to gender in a number of ways. I have decided to discuss this specific article because the idea of how femininity is portrayed is a significant aspect of Canadian culture nowadays. I am also interested in focusing on how the identities of Muslim women are recognized in society and how individuals interpret the meaning behind wearing the hijab. Throughout this article, I have distinguished several different reasons for wearing
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38). In my opinion, I am in agreement with Almas who believes that wearing the hijab does offer Muslim women a type of safety and security which helps reduce the chances of sexual abuse and/or harassment (Tabassum, 2006, p. 38). I believe that when women dress appropriately and do not fully expose their sexualized feminine attributes such as their chest, stomach and/or midriff, they are less likely to attract negative attention. Therefore, the hijab is a practical way of maintaining a positive image among Muslim women. Identity is related to gender here because in Canadian society, the media has a significant impact on the way that females dress. However, depending on the outfit, individuals can interpret different meanings from the way that it is worn. If a female is wearing a short skirt or a tight dress, that could be seen as “bringing attention to oneself” (Tabassum, 2006, p. 37). Whereas, a Muslim female who is embracing the hijab may be looked at more respectively because they are dressed more conservatively rather than revealing and scandalously. The article examines several aspects of femininity specifically femininity as a Muslim woman; however I find that the article portrays several stereotypes and ideologies regarding the ‘proper’ image of how a woman is suppose to look. Although I may contradict myself a bit here, I will state my opinion anyways. I