The History Of Defending The Natives

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Defending the Natives The emperor of Spain wanted a better and moral future, instead of a evil one. He noticed how Spaniards people were treating the Indians. While, they were on the coast getting robbed, killed, and becoming salves. He knew how horrible this could be for them and wanted justice or to become closer to equality. He decided to put out laws to justify Indians. He wanted them to gain freedom, and not become slave owners property. He set out to create a new world. The Spaniards complained about his actions because they thought they were getting robbed from their property because they were lawful owners. They began to rebel against the empire. The emperor abolished some laws or suspended them in fear of something bad happening. However, he opened a new world to the Indians, by not wanting to live a life worse than death. He began to create a better past and future. When it hit court there was to much confusion from other kingdoms and rebellion by their people, so they couldn’t of made a decision to change all of this. Sepulveda carried out the legacy to make people who argued and rebelled against the arguments Augustine uses will be punished. This will put fear into the eyes of the rebellions. Then they set out laws on anyone who injures or does not treat Indians right will be guilty of a serious crime. The church had a strong influence on this debate because the religion is to be shown to spread protection. The Spaniards did not however go against God by