The Holocaust Essay

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Jacara Cook
U.S History II
The Holocaust

The holocaust all started in 1933, when Hitler came in power of Germany. It was a devastating time during World War II, which changed the lives of many people. Approximately, nine million Jews lived in 21 countries of Europe that would be occupied by Nazi Germany. The Nazi killed many groups of people. Hitler killed anybody that stood in his way or wasn’t good enough, such as disabled people, homosexuals, and especially Jews. The Jews were responsible for everything he disliked in art, politics, and social life. The holocaust was a very important event in history because it deducted citizens’ rights, tortured Jews and the final solution was created. “(Berenbaum, Michael. The World Must Know." The History of the Holocaust: n. pag. Internet Public Library. Web. 1 Nov. 2013).” Many laws against Jews were created during World War II. All Jews lost their rights to everything, as well as took away some of their natural rights. In 1935, the Nuremberg Laws were passed. Every Jew was required to wear a yellow Star of David as identification. The Nuremberg Laws also banned Jews from public office and most professions. They could not associate with non-Jews. Jewish children were forbidden to study in public schools. These laws kept Jews away from parks, fired them from civil service jobs, forced Jews to register their property, and prohibited Jewish doctors from working on anyone other than Jewish patients. Soon thereafter all Jews were recognized by the big red "J", which was short for "Jude," that was stamped on their passports. "Jews Forbidden" signs also went up all over Germany, which made it very difficult for the Jews to get service in hotels. "(Learning About the Holocaust." Oracle ThinkQuest Library. Web. 1 Nov. 2013).” The Jews were forced to live in these segregated and very cramped quarters. Jews could only live in these specified districts. They were not permitted to live inside the towns' walls, in the so-called "Christian towns", although Jews were permitted to trade with Christians and to even rent small shops within the Christian sector. In towns belonging to the church, Jews were not allowed to settle at all.They had little or no food, electricity, water, or heat. One of the most famous ghettos was in the city of Warsaw, Poland. Nearly 500,000 people were squeezed into an area that usually housed 10,000. Many Jews died from, hunger, disease, and cold killed thousands. Many others were shot down in the streets. By 1943, only about 70,000 survived. "(Holocaust." The New Book of Knowledge. Grolier Online, 2013. Web. 1 Nov. 2013).” How to get rid of all Jews? The question Adolf Hitler wanted to be answered. Hitler called this the “Final Solution”. A solution to end the lives of all Jewish people. Germany invaded the Soviet Union to gather up Jews. They gathered as many Jews as they can. Some Jews were killed right on the spot, but most of them went to death camps built by Nazi’s. They fired at them with guns and put the bodies in pits. Jews were sent to camps on trainloads as if they were animals. They were all killed each day. Many Jews died from starvation or from the concentration camps. More than 6,000 died from gas chambers. Gas chambers had poisonous chemicals called Zyclon B. After death, the dead bodies were thrown