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The Holocaust

The holocaust was started by the Nazi group in Germany, there goal was to eradicate the Jewish race from the face of the earth. The holocaust started in 1933 and ended in 1945.This idea became a reality when Adolf Hitler became chancellor of Germany on January 30th of 1933. Hitler believed that the Jewish race was responsible for the poverty and poorness of Germany after First World War.
Hitler believed that the Jewish race was not human and that they should cease to exist, this was because of the First World War. Hitler was one of the sergeants fighting for Germany during WWI. WorldWarII started in 1939 and ended in 1945 but what is surprising is that the holocaust started six years before WWII, this is because at first the Nazi did not want to start world war once again they just wanted to eradicate the Jewish race. But when the allied forces stepped in to stop Germany from invading Poland the war began with the uk and Germany, but just like WWI these countries had pacts with other countries who then also got involved thus creating WWI.
The Nazi had camps set up all over Poland and Germany full of working and dying Jewish people. The Nazi’s concentration camps where a way of getting rid of people who had no meaning or importance to the Nazi plans. They would kill children who were younger than five and mothers who were too weak to work because they had no input in helping the Nazi regime. This came as a shock to lots of German soldiers but they would not dare stand up to Hitler.
The Jewish people would be given a small piece of stale mouldy bread once a day and would use that as a bribe to other prisoners so that they could sleep on the top bunk of the bed for a night so as to get a bit of space and air. The toilets that they used where a small hole that more than three people would use at any one time. If you had to go to the toilet when you weren’t in the toilet rooms you would be given a bucket but you had to have permission from the soldier in charge at the time, and a lot of the time the soldiers would say no or beat