The Holocaust Essay

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The Holocaust

Six million Jews do not disappear randomly. There is some reason behind it, and it is the Holocaust. However some people believe the Holocaust did not happen. These “revisionist” or “deniers” are people who try to rewrite history that has already been known. “They believe that there were no gas chambers, no six million Jews were murdered, and there was no master plan to do it. Their arguments are not supported by the many who survived the Holocaust. History has documented that the Germans executed over six million Jews during World War II, in a very methodical and calculated way. It is important listen and understand the point of view of the deniers because The revisionists say that there were no gas chambers, six million Jews were not killed and it was under one mass plan. Some claim that diesel engines do emit enough carbon monoxide to kill anybody. Meanwhile the deniers agree that Hitler and the Nazis did hate the Jews; and that the Jews were indeed forced in to concentration camps and were worked very hard under harsh conditions. The deniers also believed this: the primary causes of the deaths in the concentration camps were diseases and starvation. There were gas chambers but they were only used for delousing clothing and blankets only. Crematories were present as well; however the

deniers claim they were only used to dispose of he bodies that could be a threat to diseases to the other prisoners. Scholars of fringe movements have come up with a list of characteristics of the political extremists.
I. Have the willingness to deny basic civil liberties to certain fellow citizens, because enemies deserve no liberties (pg88 Grobman).
II. Have a fascination with the Jews and everything
III. Have open hatred of opponents. “Because these opponents (actually enemies in extremists eyes) are seen as a part of or sympathizers with “the conspiracy” (pg 88 Grobman).
IV. The absolute certainty they have truth.
V. Also the consistent indulgence in irresponsible accusations and character assassinations. The fact that the Nazis felt like they had to keep their race or population pure. But why do they believe that the holocaust did not happen? Ernst Zundel says “Frankly, I do not think should not so egotistical and think and they are navel of the universe. They are not. Only people like them could think themselves so important that the whole world revolves around them. To me Jews are just like any other person. That will already hurt them” (pg 90. Grobman).
Most of the Revisionists deny the Holocaust because they are tired of Germany being seen as the criminal for killing that many Jews. So they try to make it less horrifying by saying it really was not that bad and we didn’t kill that many Jews on purpose. Some of it is just pure ignorance and hatred. Despite the revisionists’ atrocities, there is overwhelming proof that the Holocaust did occur. There are photos that substantiate that the holocaust did happen. Survivors have written stories about their personal experiences that are consistent with the photos. Elie Wiesel was a young boy when he went through the holocaust and he wrote about his personal his experience at the death/ concentration camps. “Not far from us fames were leaping from a ditch, gigantic flame. They were burning something. A lorry drew up and delivered its load-little children. Babies! ….. those children in the flames” (pg 24 Wiesel). Talking about children;