Hunger Games Book Report

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The Hunger Games:

Chapter 1:
It starts There are 12 districts and the capitol and every year there is a reaping. The reaping… the reaping started because of our insolence, or that’s what they say. Thirty-two years ago the people tried to rebel against the capitol and when they failed they destroyed district 13 and made it so every year each district had to give up a girl and boy tribute from ages 10-18 to battle to the death. My dad and I always had it the best in district 11. Big house with lots of servants and enough to feed the rest of the district for at least a week, but my dad says not to give any away. He says that we never know when our supply will be cut off, but I think he is just being selfish. The rest of the district hates him and boos when he walks through the streets, and quite frankly I think I would too. The rest of the houses in the district can barely stand on their own, in fact one of them fell just last week and killed a little girl. The houses have holes in the roofs and dirt floors, and almost all of them have mice. But the worst part of it all is that the guards here don’t stop any thievery. About a year ago one of the shop keepers was robbed of all they had. My name is Mark Montoya and I live in district 11.
I’m only twelve but I worry about the world like a sixty year old, well that’s what my dad says. I work for the local baker, even though my dad keeps telling me to quit because I’m going to get robbed spending so much time on the streets. He seems to forget that everyone likes me. “You will stop working there, even if I have to have the place shut down!” my dad said. “Oh yea well If you do that I’ll just go ahead and volunteer for the reaping!” I responded with a barking tone. My dad glared at me with a fiery rage for a couple seconds, and then got a bit of a remorseful face. “You wouldn’t” he said in a low tone. “Try me” I responded. Even though when I thought about it my heart dropped because I would never do that. There was about ten seconds of silence and then my dad broke it with “F…Fine if it means that much to you, just GO!” I walked out of the house without responding and went on my way to work.
The reaping was in two days so a lot of the people in the market looked nervous either for themselves or for their children. When I got to the shop Mr.Eldrich, the shop owner, was talking to one of the guards and seemed rather upset, but I just went straight to work. Later he came in to the back and started to kneed some dough. “You okay” I said. He seemed a little shocked for some reason, and said”Yea I’m fine, but what about you, aren’t you worried about the reaping?”.” No my dad makes payments so they won’t put my name in.” “…Oh” He said sadly looking toward the lobby where his son was working. “His name is entered thirty-six times you know”. I looked at him stunned and tried to say something but nothing came out. “We just needed the food so badly you know, and I can’t enter my name or I would.” He started to cry and I felt so bad for him but there’s nothing I can do. I hugged him and at first he was confused but then he hugged back and cried some more. After work Mr.Eldrich came up to me and said “I’m sorry son but this is all I can give you today”, as he handed me a loaf of bread, “You saw me talking to the guard today, right?” I only nodded “Well he was telling me that I have to close down the shop, I tried to fight it but he said if it isn’t closed by tomorrow they will burn it down.” “They can’t do that!” I said infuriated. “Be calm boy, I know you love the shop but my hands are tied” I left because he told me to, but I didn’t want to. On the bright side though on the way home I saw the girl I’ve had a crush on forever, Kendra Hall ,but I’m too scared to talk to her. She talks to me all the time but I just stand there and give simple answers to everything. When we first met it was when I was nine, I had just taken some food from the kitchen