The Importance Of Drug Testing In Schools

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Are Drugs Really Worth It?

Do you think students should be required to take a drug test? The amount of teenagers caught using drugs has increased dramatically. I believe schools should drug test students because, student athletes will most likely stop using them, increases chances of students to have a better future, and schools are fulfilling their duty promoting a safe environment. Student athletes will most likely stop using drugs in fear of getting caught and getting into trouble. In school if you are an athlete you are expected to set a good example because you are representing your school. Athletes could easily throw away their career away by using drugs. My dad went to school with a guy in high school who was an amazing athlete but, he didn’t come to school for a few weeks and they found how he was doing drugs he was no longer able to play baseball and he never went to college. One person can easily
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Most likely students will stop using drugs in fear of getting caught. People may not agree with drug testing, but it will definitely help the students in the long run. As stated it most likely decrease the use of drugs or athletes, increases the chance for students to have a better future, and it will promote a safe environment for students to come to. If we do not continue to enforce drug test the use of drugs will most likely keep increasing. The graduation rate in high school will most likely go down as well as the rate of student going to college will go down. The drop out will increase and testing scores will go down. Maybe you are starting to see the importance of drug testing. Drugs may not be a huge problem here, but in other schools if definitely is. So in order to keep our schools safe clean environments, and give students a better chance at life and have success we should keep the drug testing and also enforce them