The Importance Of Event Management

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The management structure of the event is straightforward. The person with supreme authority is the event manager. Her role is to make or confirm all decisions, and to act as central liaison (Conway, 2012). However, the event manager could not do everything by herself. As a result, it was necessary to delegate some tasks and responsibilities to other people. However, as explained by Conway, delegation must be used with caution, because delegating tasks to more than two levels below the event manager could lead to a risk of errors, misunderstandings or communication problems (Conway, 2012).
In order to run the event smoothly, it was necessary to find all the human resources needed for the implementation of the event. Anton Shone and Bryn Parry
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She is responsible for coordinating and managing all staff members. She is also playing the role of the Event Planner; she had to choose the venue and to choose the date and time of the event, she organized transportation, she signed contracts, dealt with paperworks, and she communicated with local …show more content…
Two of our volunteers played the role of the sound operator and the sound technician, while another volunteer was the lighting operator.
Someone had to be the Stage Manager; he was responsible for the stage management when the musicians were playing, but he was also responsible of the management of all the stallholders.
Two people were working at the box office, and one person was working at the bar. These people are working full-time for the venue U Palatinu, they do not belong to our team of volunteers.

The main performer of our event is the corsican band Incantèsimu. Recently, they gained popularity thanks to their participation to the famous singing competition “The Voice”. The band is a polyphonic band, it is a typical corsican way to sing. Incantèsimu is comprised of three young male singers. They are revisiting the classic corsican music, they are able to revive corsican music, and they bring a breath of modernity (Bonis, 2017).
We will also hire the corsican singers Ghjiseppu Pastinelli and Jean-Vincent Servetto, plus a young female singer called Ghjuliana Albertini. All these artists are singing corsican music, they can sing all the most famous corsican songs, but they also perform compositions of their