The Importance Of Recess In School

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Children have had a time period out of their school day to go outside to the playground for many years. It has been a way for young students to play games, and to learn their likes, dislikes, strengths, and weaknesses. It is also a great way for students to release excess energy. Recess has been a crucial role in the development of children, as well as young adults. But as time progresses, they are receiving less and less recess in the public school system. Not only that, but they are also having less free time in general. So why is something so vital decreasing in schools year by year? Parents are putting more emphasis on studying and reading and forgetting about putting any activity or free time into their schedule. Adolescents have their …show more content…
Free time teaches them to cooperate and learn vital social skills. In Caralee Adams’ “Recess Makes Kids Smarter” she quotes Nelly Tortes: “It taught me how to get along with others – whites, African-Americans. Nowadays, kids don't know how to socialize among other groups" (2011, para. 2). Leisure time gives students the opportunity to express themselves freely and lets them learn more things than things they would learn from just doing exercises and activities in Physical Education (P.E.) class. Without this vital aspect that is being taken out of the school system, students are not able to build confidence and self-esteem through the team building games that they play during their time to play. Kellie Gormly states “Recess — rather than being just idle, goof-off time on the monkey bars — benefits children's minds and bodies. Withholding recess can stunt healthy development, according to a recent policy statement…” (2013, para. 7). Many things that children are not even aware they are learning are self-taught through free-play and activities that involve team work and accomplishing