The Importance of Music Education Essay

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Imagine a world without music; it would be an extremely boring and quiet place to live. Music is found in every kind of culture and has been used for thousands of years as a means of expression. Music can deliver a message; it can be used as a vehicle for poetry; it can be appreciated for its aesthetic qualities, or it can serve as nothing more than entertainment. Recently, many studies have been conducted proving that music is vital to a child's education and development. However, many school systems have had to make budget cuts, and one of the first things to be removed was the music program. Music is important in education for many reasons. Recent studies have proven that taking music classes at a young age helps a child to …show more content…
These structured activities may help students avoid becoming involved in violent situations, gang activity, drug or alcohol abuse, and teen pregnancy. Also, students involved in music programs are less likely to skip school. Positive activities such as marching band often require students to maintain a minimum grade point average in order to participate. Most high schools require a student to attend their classes during the school day in order to attend extracurricular practices and performances.
In conclusion, music can have many positive effects on students. Music may help a student be more academically successful by teaching them to strive for excellence in every aspect of life. Writing music or song lyrics allows for creativity and originality and helps a person appreciate and better understand the world we live in. Students who participate in an extracurricular activity, such as marching band, are more likely to stay away from violent and distasteful activities. Also, parents are more aware of what their child is doing while they are away. Every student should have the chance to be involved in some kind of musical activity weather it is chorus or band. "They can't kill the music. God knows they've tried. But music always wins. As long as there's kids coming up that have the passion. All the bean counters in the world can't kill that. You know? You just can't. They can try, of course, to feed you the most puerile, benign horse