The Iron Woman Essay

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Margaret Thatcher
“Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren't.” (Margaret Thatcher Quotes - BrainyQuote, screen 1) If I had to choose a historical figure to save the world I would choose Margaret Thatcher. Margaret Thatcher was a great leader and politician … she was once called the Iron Lady for her strong will and her extensive knowledge of the economy and all things that have to do with leading!(Margaret Thatcher Foundation, screen 1) I think that she has all of the qualities that we would need to survive.
When Margaret was in office she reshaped many areas of England’s economy. She reformed many of their programs and helped bring about major changes. She is credited with expanding England’s foreign policies and is considered one of the most influential political leaders. (Margaret Thatcher Foundation, par. 2) These are a few reasons why Margaret Thatcher would be a great person to help save the world.
To follow up on my last statement Margaret was a renowned politician and could improve the economic standing of the world rather easily. This would come in handy for keeping the world liberated once she brings it back up to its feet. Margaret Thatcher worked for what she believed in, she was very passionate and that passion would follow over for a 110% effort in restoring the world to its former glory. She was not afraid to stand up for what she believed in even if it was not popular with the majority of people. (Margaret Thatcher Wikepedia)
To continue, Margaret Thatcher worked her whole life to become a politician. Her home life shaped her conservative views on the world and led her to a life in politics. She was even involved in politics while in college. (Margaret Thatcher Foundation, par. 2) She knew from a very early time where her passions lied. She wanted to pursue want inspired her and that is just what she did. It was as though politics were embedded in her DNA. A person with this much passion and experience would be the ideal candidate to lead society if we were faced with the end of the world. She would be calm and cool under pressure and would be able to develop solutions to problems as they arise. She would also have the skills and knowledge to rebuild the world when needed.
In turn, additionally Margaret also has the skills to lead a group of people due to her experience as a politician. (BBC 1)This would come in very handy as people need direction with the world in ruins. The schools would have been destroyed and people would need a calm cool educated individual to lead them in the right direction, I think that Margaret would be the ideal