The lake Essay

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I have always loathed growing up into adulthood. Puberty was taboo, and any form of responsibility was foreign to me. After years of feverishly avoiding my destiny, I eventually jumped into the looming lake of adulthood. Yes, I literally jumped into a lake with some strangers and a few mates. The whole day was bizarre because I have always been rather timid around unfamiliar faces; however, as the day unfolded, I found myself in a proposition that would have a profound effect on my unraveling life. Before that day, I would often find myself lounging around the house, playing video games and intentionally forgetting my homework. I loved doing nothing, and nothing loved me. I don’t know what caused me to take a dip, but from that day on I became more adventurous and defeated that burden that had pestered me my whole life: regret. The wind of night was frosty, and the land and most of her animals were nestled under the 10 o’clock blackness. Nothing was heard but the quiet, mad laughter of teenage boys and girls finding themselves. We were bouncing jokes, stories, and conversation off of one another. We took turns tending our crackling bonfire while the local ducks splashed and danced with one another in the lazy meadow that slid unseen behind the houses. Time and entertainment had passed and we all grew bored. Boredom lead to insanity, and that’s when I ran in. The spirit of yesterday was gone.
The lake itself was jet black. Deep as death, and only illuminated