Describe The Workplace Of 1975

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The lecture notes describes the workplace of 1975. Consider the workplace of today and identify key differences from 1975 to today. I am not looking for all the differences but one or two key differences that can be present to start a discussion on the forum. Your participation in this forum is graded.

The difference is obvious when comparing today’s workforce to the workforce in 1975. In 1975, the man of the house would leave for the day and generally work in a factory where they manufactured a commodity that was used within the nation. The man of the house would return after a hard day of work. He would have a beer and dinner would be prepared for him by his wife who was busy attending to the children and house for the day. The first major change from the 1975 typical day is that women who held the stay at home mother role have now entered the workforce. Based on the Pay Equity Commission which is a program designed for the adjusted towards equalization of payroll payment between genders. Today we have grown accustom to women and males as equal status in today’s workforce, adding an entirely different form of diversity separate to the male dominated workforce in 1975. Another aspect of diverse change within the workforce is the diversity between people. In 1975, completion of high school and working for the local company were the requirements that lead to a sustainable job. In today’s workforce there is a diverse aptitude of educational requirements that are needed to