The Legalization Of Marijuana

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The legalization of marijuana is a popular topic in America right now, but it is my personal opinion that the cons do indeed outweigh the pros. The issue with the legalization of marijuana is that simply put, marijuana is not harmless. It does negatively affect the brain and certainly distorts a driver’s perception which could inevitably result in an increase of vehicle accidents. If it was legalized, usage would of course increase tremendously and it would become increasingly more accessible to children who are underage. The opposition argues that marijuana has many conventional uses beyond recreational usage. “Go green” is a common argument, stating that hemp has a multitude of uses and it’s legalization could result in less trees cut down. I personally support marijuana remaining illegal, and for good reason. “Marijuana is not the same drug it was 20 years ago. Special fertilizers, plant hormones and steroids, carbon dioxide and advanced indoor horticulture techniques are used by the informed grower to “push” the plant to produce the highest grade, most potent variety of marijuana, sinsemilla.” (Stephen H. Greene, 1994, New York Times) Although this quote is relatively old, the words remain true today. No drug abuser would opt with a less potent form of their drug of choice, but it is argued that the legalization would result in regulation of the drug. I do not believe that is true, and from what I witness to this day, steroids and hormones are in use even with our own forms of sustenance. Money is the center of it all, and if marijuana became legal, growers would be pressed to produce the most potent variety to attract consumers. There are two sides to the equation, both with legitimate points and pros towards their cause. Many state the proposed medicinal benefits of marijuana and it’s effectiveness. The fact of the matter is, as medicine advances the efficacy of medical marijuana appears miniscule in comparison. If it weren’t for the “high” it provided, I sincerely doubt anyone would back up the claims that it is a superior alternative to medicine. Money is often the argument when discussing the legalization of marijuana, but money isn’t everything. It would have considerable positive impact towards the economy on paper, but that cannot be proven. The increased use by people, including children, is unacceptable and could impede a child’s thinking in the classroom. It is also a gateway drug,