the life of Andrew Jackson Essay

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Amanuel Kassahun
Period 7 APUSH
`Article summaries The age of Andrew Jackson was a booming age with a lot of brust added to the economy, age of shifts in to cities, reform movements, the abolitionist crusade, and the "great southern reaction" in defense of slavery. Despite all this giving him his popularity Jackson was also a reviled man. He enjoyed fighting duels, had a passion for horse racing and cock fighting and worst of all his fiery temper was out of control and came at pretty much the weirdest and the most uncalled for times. Some view him as a hero but others... well others viewed him as a crazed maniac," a dangerous demagogue, a threat to the stability of the nation". In his personal story, Andrew Jackson is disputed over where he is from by two states, North and South Carolina thats because the exact roots of his birth is unkown. Andrew was the youngest of 3 born to Elizabeth Jackson on March 15 1767. His mother whos husband died before Andrew was born had moved in with her sister who was sick so andrews mother had to take care of most of the things in the house, and because of that andrew grew up fatherless and mostly through the first couple of years with out his mother. He was the youngest of 11 children whom his mother had to take care of. In 1781 He experienced a defining moment in his life, The British had captured him and his older brother who was the only other survivor in the family. The army officer who had captured him asked him to