The Life Of Daisy Buchanan

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Wealth can become you. You are wealth, in other words money can overtake you. It will become all you want and what you need. It creates selfish inconsiderate people. It created Daisy Buchanan, a young girl who gave up her love for one man for the riches from another. Money is everything you can earn it, be born into it or even win it over a night. In the case of Tom Buchanan, Daisy’s husband he had been born into it. Being born into it is the easy way but do people who were born into deserve as much as respect as those like Jay Gatsby? A man whom acquired his riches by hard work, yet his hard work was the center of a illegal alcohol business in the time when it was illegal to drink. There are many types of ways to be wealthy but in a second you can lose it with the wrong choice or your respect you had while earning it.
In the case of Daisy Buchanan she was a girl from Louisville who was in love with a guy who wasn’t of her normal taste. He was a man whom had no money nor care in the world and she was the girl who dreamt of money and a generous man to provide for her. She was a sweet, smart and passionate girl. Daisy a women of integrity barely had any patience for her love whom was serving in the military but this was unknown to her. She was set to be wed to her husband Tom. In the book it is explained she loved him dearly though she thought to cancel her wedding when she received a letter from the soldier she once called her only love, his name being Jay Gatsby. Daisy was confused but still married Tom and become Daisy Buchanan.
Tom Buchanan, a man whom was only known to money a man who could buy peoples love. Buying his wife’s love indeed the matter that happened between the two of them. He was terrible man in my opinion. He after marriage for several years had an affair, and this was known to his wife. He was a man of money whom thought he could do what he pleases and that is exactly what he could do. Myrtle, his mistress become accommodated to money. He becomes his own greed and he takes pleasure in what he finds out to be his wife also having an affair. What makes this story of the love triangle so intriguing is that it was Daisy’s former love Jay who she was having an affair with. It was a shock to Tom yes, but it was very easy to catch. he was used to getting what he wanted but for once what he wanted was getting taken away. Born into wealth