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The short film The Lottery was a film that not only demonstrated the elements of theatre, but also went about it in a unique way. I feel as if the play went directly into the rising action at the beginning, although it did practice the elements of theatre it used it in the way it confuses the audience. It also left a hole in the play because it did not let the audience know why they stoned Tessa in the end. Although the play was a good play, some of the aspects of the play could have went about differently. The play began with kids piling rocks together in the middle of a dirt field, and everyone is walking to meet each other. While people were walking to join each other in a circle, two older men walked up to meet them. One was carrying a box and the other one was carrying a sheet of paper that looked like it listed names of people in the town. Each person in the town picked out a small sheet of paper that they retrieved out of the box. When one of the family members husband pulled out a black dot from the box, she told them that it was unfair because he was rushed and was not able to pick out a better sheet of paper. The older man that made them choose the names let the family take a second try, since the woman thought it was unfair. Once everybody picked a piece of paper again, a woman in a different household picked the paper with the black dot on it. Everyone in the town was calm and the lady was acting hysterical about the paper she picked. I could not really