The Mandatory Drug Test Essay

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Mandatory drug testing is a top priority in the school systems. With all the media attention and so many different type of drugs in our school system one may ask how do the schools function daily with these activity happening in our schools. I will attack several issues and concerns with this topic. Mandatory drug testing the good, the bad and the ugly points we all will have them. I will show you how much is involve in trying to develop a positive solution to this issue America faces.

Steps in Approaching Problem Solving in Mandatory Drug Testing in our Schools

The problem of politics in Global Warming affects potentially all of humanity, as well as the earth. The result of which is apathy towards a potentially serious issue from some individuals, extremism from others, potential harm to the planet, and natural resource issues for future generations. With so much attention focused on how one can profit from global warming, the truth of the issue becomes secondary, if not lost entirely. In order to highlight or uncover potential causes for the issue, the following Drill Down Technique was utilized:

This brief analysis of the issue demonstrates that there are many factors which contribute. From this model, the following two ideas were presented as a means to remove politics from global warming. First, assembling a small group consisting of scientists, researches and analysts all without bias and with a vested interest in the earth’s environment. The second idea relies on national polling or a public survey. The results of the survey would set the direction the current government would take on the issue. While on paper, the second option may appear viable, it may be naïve to think that the government would be motivated entirely based off of citizen’s concerns. Plus, the complications of conducting a national survey, who would facilitate it, and who would be responsible for the results. Thus, the first option will be the approach selected to attempt to solve the problem. An individual from the global community would be designated to establish the team. The team would be comprised of several scientists, analysts, and researchers. While the specific criteria will not be listed here, they would be extensive. Once the team is formed, they would act as a sequestered group with access to all pertinent materials for the necessary research to be completed. Upon completion of the research, the findings would be presented to the public and policy would be set based solely upon the findings. There would be no tolerance for debate, only acceptance of the team’s conclusions. The Global Warming Team would develop an action plan and lay out success indicators. The team would report their progress at