The Market Lindt chocolate Essay

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Lindt chocolate.


Food Delivery service has revolutionized the food industry. With a quick phone call, or a quick online search, you can have food delivered to your doorstep within the next few minutes or in some cases, days. Lindt chocolate café’s do not provide any quick food delivery services, although if you are living in the USA, you are able to purchase their products online and have them shipped to you; a service not currently available in Sydney. The telecommunications revolution has not only change the way we communicate, but is used in our every-day activities as well. We are able to utilise the Internet or make a simple phone call and order certain products at any time of day.

Limited start up risk
Ability to sell products online or over phone
Information website with opportunities to promote further products
Diminish Lindt’s high quality characteristic
Transportation costs
Limited flexibility in pricing
Competition providing quicker service
New customer base
Marketing opportunities on appropriate days e.g. valentines day
Insurance costs in regard to transportation
New competition


Lindt chocolate allows us to go online, browse their menus and purchase their products at any time of day, which will then be shipped to you within the next couple of days. This to the customer is convenient, time efficient, and allows the customer to view Lindt’s menu in the comfort of his or her own home. There is limited start up risk for Lindt to begin delivery from their café, with the ability to provide information and self-advertisement online as the customer makes an order.


If Lindt began to provide their products through home delivery, it will somewhat diminish its high quality characteristic that in currently holds. Lindt is marketed as a high quality chocolate, consumers must go to them to get their hands on some, not the other way around. Although with Lindt not