The Mirabal Sisters In The Butterflies By Julia Alvarez

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The Mirabal sisters were the victim of this event. They choose to fight back when they have the choice to be civilians with a happy family and ignored whatever is happening in their country. They should be known as a hero, and models that people look up to. However, the butterflies are not as strong as we think. They were very easy to catch and kill with one hand. Notwithstanding, butterflies are poison. The poison can stay for a very short time and also very long time.
Emilio Estrada Malleta, Alfonso Cruz Valeria, Ramon Emilio Rojas, Ciriaco de la Rosa and Victor Alicinio Peña Rivera were the men who killed the butterflies. They were the member of Trujillo’s secret police force. They listen to whatever Trujillo tells them to do. The three