The Modest Proposal Essay

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Quinn Derrick and Collin Gluth
Mrs. Ochoa AP English 3
Jan. 23, 2015 pd
The Modest Proposal Essay Assignment:
A Proposition That Will Solve The Dilemma Toward the Many Annual Casualties of Drinking and Driving

In todays day and age we are faced with drinking and driving, or “driving under the influence”. Annually about 1.5 million people are arrested for DUI’s, it’s common for a fellow friend to be one of these people and it’s accepted in our present society. Congressmen and
Senators pass laws to prevent people from getting on the road intoxicated and even go to lengths to create groups like SADD (students against drunk driving). I have realized a key point in this problem, that no matter how many laws or fines you placed, it will happen and you can’t tell an imperfect human to be non-human. Here is my proposition; fines be lifted, laws be cancelled and the age restriction for buying alcohol be lowered drastically.
Why don’t people understand how great it would be to make alcohol more accessible and less restricted? Most people picture an American as a successful classy person with a beer in one hand and some fireworks or football tickets in the other. In this case people can have more
“freedom” to do what they want, when they want. The people would drink either way so might as well just let them do so without the hassle of getting arrested and paying large amounts of fines.
It’s pretty obvious when someone’s intoxicated on the road so drivers and pedestrians have time to move out of the way or simply avoid the driver all together. Wouldn’t you stay off your phones and be less distracted knowing that drunk drivers are now legal? Also the casualty percentage will diminish by wearing bubble wrap as not only a fashion statement but also an extra safety precaution. It will be televised that you should be more careful walking home from school or driving your newborn from the hospital or in everyday life. The government would compensate for any loss you might have in your family involving these “living life to the fullest” drivers, for

instance; a killed pet- your family receives a new pet of the same breed and gender (free of cost of course), a damaged house/ car- your family receives an apology from the culprit and a spot on extreme home makeovers, killed a distant relative- your family receives some lollipops for life in the mail, killed a close loved one- the government pays $22,630 every birthday of the deceased, a cake baked by the culprit and an apology. In this way the person isn’t convicted of criminally negligent manslaughter and the taxpayers wouldn’t have to pay for the culprit’s jail fee.
The community may be against this when it is first applied, but this new proposal will grow on people over time with the many benefits it provides. It already states in California that people under the age of 21 can consume alcohol if they’re enrolled in a culinary program; and when it comes to the younger public, it is wise to have them experienced under the influence so they will know how to drive safer over the years ahead. California has a point, kids can also become great chefs! In todays times people have gone so overboard on the whole underage drinking that if you’re underage and taking out the trash in Missouri and the trash bag has an empty alcohol container, you can be fined. By the time these overly protected teens grow to legal adults, they’ll go overboard and have higher chances of killing a friend in the passenger seat or simply consuming too much and dying from alcohol poisoning. Their friends, who are also uneducated on the effects of overconsumption will just laugh at their passed out buddy until the next morning when they realize that he/she is already dead. This is why there will be DR classes
(drinking responsibly), to ensure that when they are having fun this weekend the kids won’t die or kill others. Let’s listen to the teens for once, they want responsibility so let’s give them the choice of life or death