A Modest Proposal Essay

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A Modest Proposal A Modest Proposal begins stating the affairs of Ireland’s poverty, that the children are being fed to the brim with food. The author, Jonathan Swift, came up with a proposal to put the children of Ireland to good use, as he lived in Dublin, Ireland. Instead of feeding food to the children, he suggest that the children should be fed as food to the wealthy citizens, which he then proceeds with the benefits of his proposal. Only a hundred thousand children of the population, preferably one year olds, would be set up as the main dish, and if not knowing the culinary techniques, the author’s friend passed on a few suggestion to preparing the meal, like baking, broiling, stewing, or roasting methods. The author stated that raising children as food would give a significant boost to Ireland’s economy, as these “kids” meals won’t come cheap, being sold as two shillings. Parents can not only make a good price off their kids, but the new delicacy experience will bring in tourist to Ireland. The poor will earn money from selling their children and help them earn property. Wives will be seen as responsible as their spouses, as an increase in individuals getting married. The newly popular product would increase foreign trade as poor people create more uses, expanding from food to clothing. The author’s only objection to his proposal is that it is possible that the population might have fewer than normal citizens, but