The Myth of the Model American Family Essay

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Abstract This essay, The Myth of the Model American Family, is a discussion of the concept of an ideal family in the different perspective specifically social, cultural and economic. This is also an attempt to identify the structural changes in relation to the global development and the international economic crisis that immensely created impact on their lives. However, the discussion will limit itself on the different identifiable and observable transformations as manifested in the lifestyles, interrelationships and views of family members and will not seek to provide an assessment of their psycho-social and individual perceptions.
As the basic social institution families reflects the state of every nation, the
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Research proves that people that make the between me amount of income and has the same educational background tend to use kinship relationships in the same way no matter what their race they identified. This relationship SES and was even stronger between people of low-income, because they need the utilitarian help the most.
An Indian Story by Roger Jack The story is a depiction of the emotional struggle of a boy to succeed and realized his dreams. While he was left motherless and in distress, he had to cope up with the changes in his life expecting guidance and care from his father, who was also experiencing the same emotional breakdown. Unfortunately, his father does not have the courage and the ability to handle the responsibility left by his mother and opted to remarry instead. The conflict intensified with the inclusion of a step mother and step brother to the family, forcing him to seek comfort from his aunt. In the end, through her care and support, he was able to finish his studies and lived a comfortable in the jack's eassy said “My home and academic life improved a lot after I had moved in with Aunt Greta”(53). There were problems encountered as a result of the new set-up in particular financial and relational, but both the Aunt and the boy accepted the limitations of the situation and resolved to give their share in the resolution process. The extended family provided the emotional support that should have been received